You are the parent of young children or teenagers, or you work in childcare, and you feel helpless.

Conflicts with children are ruining your life. Should you forcefully impose your will or just let it slide?

You can’t figure out which attitude to have!


You would like to speak calmly and kindly. Yet most of the time you are angry, you shout and you criticize. You would love for the time spent with the children to be filled with happiness. Yet usually it is just difficult and not conducive to constructive relationships.



Workshops to build tools:


Come learn a range of tools based on NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP). These workshops are practical, interactive and fun: sketches illustrate your daily hardships and the tools you need to overcome them, and role playing games help you assimilate these methods.

The workshops take place in French.


Day 1 : Optimiser votre communication (better your communication)  Gérer les conflits (managing conflicts) Développer l’estime de soi de l’enfant (Increasing the children’s self-esteem)

Day 2 : Créer les conditions du succcès (Creating conditions for success)



View sketches that illustrate our tools and methods…(first page)

The result is clear. But getting there is complicated!


Come learn and practice tried-and-tested methods in our workshops

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